At Storeshelf24 you can compare prices and conditions from different manufacturers/suppliers with just one account and then order directly


After you have put together your desired shelf in the 3D configurator [1] and clicked on the “Order shelf” button, you will be shown a clear list of retailers [2] who offer the parts you need. You can immediately compare delivery times and prices and you will be highlighted with which of our partners you will get the best price and/or the fastest delivery.


Depending on whether you come from Germany, Switzerland or another EU country, you can adjust the shipping costs in the overview by clicking on the corresponding button at the top right [3] . Since these vary from retailer to retailer, our comparison also offers you the advantage of being able to quickly and easily see the price of goods, shipping costs and total prices at a glance without having to do any research.


Behind each trader you will find an i icon [4] . If you move the mouse over it, you will get additional information. Among other things, you will be listed here which payment methods are possible with this supplier.


The information on the delivery status gives an indication of the expected delivery period . Since the delivery date depends on several factors, we cannot give an exact date here. For example, your delivery address, the shipping method or the forwarding agent that delivers and the stock status of all parts at the time of your order have an influence on this date.


By clicking on Order you will be asked to log in or – if you want to order from Storeshelf24 for the first time – to register. You will then be guided step by step through the ordering process. You have the option of specifying the billing and delivery address [5] and you will receive all the individual parts [6] of your shelf configuration in a clear order list.

Where can you deliver?

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Belgium, Denmark (except Faroe Islands and Greenland), France (except overseas territories and departments), Italy (except Livigno), Luxembourg, Netherlands (except non-European territories), Poland, Czech Republic

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